Singapore debt collection service

A client approached JMS Rogers to collect an outstanding debt of SGD$27,000.

The basis of the debt was that our client had provided a software development service to the debtor in 2022.

However, after the service was provided, the debtor did not make payments for over 2 years. The excuse was that the company was facing financial difficulties due to a lack of business and could not pay. The debtor also said that he would make good on the payment eventually.

Our client was understanding, but after a while, patience did run out.

Upon our investigations, we discovered that the debtor was having a windfall of business in 2024, but still chose to ignore the payment to our client.

Upon engagement with the debtor with the investigative findings, the debtor made a 1-time payment of the full amount.

What we can learn from this:

1. When you go into business transactions with anyone, do your research to ensure that you know the scale of their business, and if in doubt, seek professional help to investigate for you.

2. Do your best to ensure staggered payments from your clients to prevent handing over a finished product or service and risk not being paid. If you stagger the payments, you have more control.

Singapore debt collection service